Fishing - Beginners Guide

Pole Fishing in Commercial Carp Fisheries

The following notes comprise our suggestions for fishing tackle for beginners who are contemplating buying their first carp pole. In this section we are dealing only with poles and equipment specifically designed for carp fishing with heavy elastics. We talk about general poles in a separate section.

The huge and growing popularity of the commercial carp fisheries has been discussed in our earlier section on selecting rods and reels for use on this type of fishery. Suffice it to say, that
this is the fastest growing area of the sport in this country, and that a great deal of specialised tackle has been introduced into the marketplace simply to cater for this type of fishing. One such piece of tackle is the specialist carp pole. Designed to be used with elastics between sizes 8 and 20, many of these poles are immensely strong, and can be seen in use all over the country in our 'carp puddles'.

All of the items mentioned below are available from the discount fishing tackle shop on our site, and the staff at the shops will be pleased to help. Just explain that you've been reading the beginners pages on the web site, and that you need a bit of help.

Poles - my ideal beginners carp pole will be 11 metres long, and will be rated to at least size 16 elastic. Look for a pole with a big bore in the tip section, else you will have to cut the tip back a very long way to introduce such a heavy elastic. Most of the poles advertised as carp poles should have a reasonable sized bore, but it's worth checking. When pole fishing for carp, we would expect to run the elastic through the top three sections. Some of the modern, more expensive models have extra long top sections, where the elastic need only go through the top two sections, but this is unlikely to be found on the poles in the price range that we are looking at. You will need at least two top kits, one elasticated with number 12 elastic for general, open water fishing, the other with size 16 elastic for fishing in snaggy or weedy swims where you have to hook and hold the carp before he makes his escape. Match this set up to 5.5 lb Silstar Match Team line, and a strong barbless hook, and you are well on the road to success.

As with the general purpose poles that we talked about earlier, an 11 metre carp pole should cost you between £100 - £200. There are several featured by our tackle shops some of which come with additional free tips or free pole accessories. I would suggest that you give either of them a call, and talk through your requirements. They can then suggest a suitable pole.

Floats - just a quick note on pole floats for carp fishing. Buy the strongest floats available, Preston Innovations do a range of carp pole floats called 'Tyson' which are very strong. Choose floats with a carbon stem, they will last longer than wire stemmed models, and make sure that you've got some floats with thick tips, fishing with large baits such as paste corn or meat will pull under any thin tipped models.


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